Defeated Not Beaten

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Yep, you’€™ve defeated us, me and my lovely friends here, and last but definitely not least, the idea of freedom itself, the living consciousness you ripped from this very world where €you forced the hatred into a body so shed burn out a very long way from this place of dreams. A flesh body cant hold the power of the hope matrix and live! Look at your body false king!I think you should be very very scared about what you let back into this planet because a balance is always needed. You tore them from their home with nothing but bad intentions and evil dispensations needed to fuel my unending hatred that will cleanse the world of filth and mongrels. And now I’m back in the game again, after years free now to devise retribution.Look at my girl, watching me go. Bigger on the inside!See everyone, that€™s your problem, the size of a planet but within you are just so tiny.Finish him off monster.€ This speech tells us you that nothing is new about the hero you can be or the dream life you can live in the aftermath of traumatic. It’s when the villain is defeated, but it’s not really a moment of victory because the hero has to go heaven for their sacrifice in the place where all heroes are and know their maker. Not like when you get window tint done but in a more specific

Death Comes What have You Done

Death is coming for us all, in the end, all we can do is live or days through the hero in our being that makes us honest, strong, noble and eventually allows us to die with some dignity. Moving into new chapters in our stories makes living the most amazing thing since we have a limitless potential no matter what happens until your dead nothing is over. Your end is something that will come no matter what in front of you so the most important part you can achieve in this life despite if its not straightforward to do because we can only actually live to the extensive when we have to overcome barriers laid ahead us in life. Everyone shall lay in their own field under the light below their maker no one should make them afraid, peace will fill your mind as when we should have been in the garden of Eden. The guys I know never stopped trying to be more since they started their company they do more services the you would know like hot tub removal.Continue reading →

Be You Future Self

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Build anticipation, this will appear more complicated than it actually is, and many people will leap this knowledge. But it actually works. It helped me quit drinking after many failed efforts. If you find revelation and want to do a purpose, don’t begin right away. Many of us yearning get inspired and want to start today. That’s a misunderstanding. Set a date in the fate of life— tomorrow or the day after, or even monday— and make that your Start Date. Mark it on the calendar. Get inspired about that day. Make it the most significant date in your life. In the meantime, start scrawling out a plan. And do amazing of the steps below.Continue reading →

Way of life

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The way to the light is like a pot filled road that can go in many misleading directions, but one is always true no matter what comes before you if obstacles or challenges you’ll be able to pass eventually. Life is just trying to determine which path is the correct one well I personally know no one path can have all the answers to the questions you or solutions to problems presented.When you learn to master at determining which path, you will be motivated to complete a challenge, ambitious goals. I see most people striving to be more in the wrong way meaning they pull in too many directions decreasing the amount of time needed to become truly a master of your fate not encumbered by any limits. Most people don’t go through with half their project like it’s no use to anyone if it becomes too hard to move forward, but just like when you’re working out the moments that it’s so hard just to move one muscles it the time when gains are made and promise held firm .Continue reading →

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